November 1, 2020

All Shall Be Revealed in November!


I've got a Triple Threat of personal and global expectations happening the first week of November 2020:

1. That I will buy a house.

2. That I will have healthcare.

3. That WE will have a new president of the United States.

Upon writing this these factors are complete unknowns but filled with HOPE for the future. AND it's Daylight Saving Time - let there be more LIGHT!

I've also got a new Spacerock Continuum for ya'll, so DIG THIS! First I'm digging into the distant psychedelic PAST for a different kind of Triple Threat with tracks from The James Gang (1970), Blue Oyster Cult (1974), and The Amboy Dukes (1968)!

Then I continue my 3-month feature called MULTI-PLAY with the second installment featuring multiple tracks from a highlighted artist, and this time it's Japanese pysch/folk/prog weirdos GHOST! I've mixed FOUR of their tracks together for your listening pleasure, and if you've never heard them before I hope this blows your space socks off!

Then we delve into the not quite as distant past with early-oughts oft-overlooked should-have-beens Ambulance Ltd, then deep back into the 90s with the spacier side of the indie rock that was flourishing in those days with Archers Of Loaf, Built To Spill, The Boo Radleys, Bailterspace, Dinosaur Jr, and Husker Du! Next up, a band that was hitting their peak back then released a fantastic comeback in 2020: the one and only Hum, followed up by a fantastic modern band that harkens back to the glory daze of shoegaze, Ringo Deathstarr, then with a little post rock homage to their forebears, the mighty Mogwai, it's obscure but wonderful G-Plan.

Then we round up the TIME with a segment featuring only what I would call Modern International Psych; artists that are as diverse in SOUND and location of origin as they are pleasing to the SOUL: Julie's Haircut (Italy), Radar Men From The Moon (Netherlands), The Dunes (Australia), Pretty Lightning (Germany), Kooba Tercu (Greece), Alber Jupiter (France), and Muun Bato (Minnesota, US). The "scene" is not only alive and well, it's GLOBAL, and offers us solace during worldwide MAYHEM. The sounds of SPACE will comfort us during this dark TIME, because it has been said that..


The following tracks are included in the player below:

Spacerock Continuum Intro - bRambles
The Bomber - The James Gang The James Gang Rides Again
Astronomy - Blue Oyster Cult Secret Treaties
Journey To The Center Of The Mind - The Amboy Dukes Journey To The Center Of The Mind
Aramaic Barbarous Dawn/Leave The World!/Hazy Paradise/Piper - Ghost
Yoga Means Union - Ambulance Ltd. - s/t
Step Into The Light - Archers Of Loaf Vee Vee
Velvet Waltz - Built To Spill Perfect From Now On
Lazarus - The Boo Radleys Giant Steps
X - Bailterspace - s/t
Little Furry Things - Dinosaur Jr You're Living All Over Me
Eight Miles High (Byrds cover) - Husker Du - single
In The Den - Hum - Inlet
Cotton Candy Clouds  - Ringo Deathstarr - s/t
There's People Lying Dead In The Stairwell - G-Plan All Roads Lead To This
Until The Lights Go Out - Julie's Haircut In The Silence Electric
What The Lightning Said - Radar Men From The Moon Strange Wave Galore
Just Because You're Not Being Followed Doesn't Mean You're Not Paranoid - The Dunes - s/t
RaRaRa  - Pretty Lightning Jangle Bowls
Ukunta - Kooba Tercu - s/t
Uber En Colere - Alber Jupiter We Are Just Floating In Space
Planet Of The Children - Muun Bato - s/t

October 2, 2020

F this, I'm going to the desert.


Global pandemic, hellish infernos, political boiling point... FUCK THAT. We will survive all this shit and emerge renewed. Music can sustain us. And I've got some killer shit for the KILLING TIME.

And I'm introducing a new feature on the Spacerock Continuum! It's called MULTI-PLAY!!!

For the next few months each installment will feature multiple tracks from a highlighted artist. That's NEVER (rarely) happened before! For October it's zany Brit krautrockers Clinic, who turned psychobilly on its head by incorporating the dark mesmer of minimalist no wave artists like Suicide and the motorik "repetition and nonsense" of artists like Can. Hypnotic, manic, and GROOVY! Take a trip down fuzzy memory lane with me and CLINIC!

Then we delve deep into exotic psychotropia with international artists like Sunset Images (Mexico), Muun Bato (Minnesota), Kooba Tercu (Greece), Ghost (Japan), Lastryko  and Trupa Trupa (Poland!), Sun Dial (UK), Hum (outta Illinois with their fantastic new comeback record!), The Men (New York), Ganglians (San Francisco), Tonstartssbandht (Florida?!?!?), O.G. psychproggers Porcupine Tree and The Bevis Frond (UK), the almighty GNOD (also UK), Tambourinen (Arizona?!?!?), and Acid Rooster (Germany).

I'm mostly giving you the geographic origins of these artists lately rather than describe them in much detail so you can come up with your own conclusions. And you will find that SPACEROCK is indeed EVERYWHERE! Without it we'd never make it through this alive...

The following tracks are included in the player below:

Spacerock Continuum Intro - bRambles
Voodoo Wop / The Return of Evil Bill / Internal Wrangler - Clinic
Hajime - Sunset Images Hajime
Muun Bato - Muun Bato - s/t
Cybele - Kooba Tercu Kharrub
Rabirabi - Ghost Lama Rabi Rabi
Srodek Czarnego Nieba - Lastryko - s/t
Picture Yourself - Trupa Trupa Headache
Never Fade - Sun Dial Reflector
Cloud City - Hum Inlet
Patterns - The Men Devil Music
100 Years - Ganglians Monster Head Room
Opening - Tonstartssbandht Sorcerer
Strip The Soul - Porcupine Tree - XM
Barking (or False Point Blues)  - The Bevis Frond Son Of Walter
Run-A-Round - Gnod Gnod Drop Out (with White Hills)
Wooden Flower - Tambourinen Wooden Flower
Moon Loop - Acid Rooster - s/t

September 2, 2020

Just Another Space Rock

Welcome to the return of the ROCK. Not that this space hasn't always rocked, but September seemed appropriate for back-to-school (distance learning version). That is the question: what is space rock (aside from the photo above)? I've answered this thousands of times with my playlists but they often veer off into uncharted territory of extremes and experiMENTALs. Which is still space rock. This set spans the gamut too, but in what I think is a more concise explanation, while still swinging wildly across the psychedelic sky. Catch the comet if you can!

It passes over Italy (Julie's Haircut), Germany (Desert Mountain Tribe), Canada (Possum, Quest For Fire), Australia (Mote, Dunes, Hotel Wrecking City Traders), San Diego, CA (Aunt Cynthia's Cabin), Portland, OR (Ripley Johnson's Rose City Band and my buddy's band Lost Echoes), France (Dead Horse One, Slift), San Francisco, CA (Carlton Melton), Sweden (Causa Sui), Norway (Kanaan), London, UK (Kandodo, which is Simon Price of The Heads with US conspirator John MacBain of Monster Magnet who composed together over Thee Vast Oceans of Interwebs), and... Rochester, NY (King Buffalo)?
Heh heh...

As always, space is EVERYWHERE!

The following tracks are included in the player below:

Spacerock Continuum Intro - bRambles
Anticipation Of The Night - Julie's Haircut In The Silence Electric
Midnight Sky - Desert Mountain Tribe Either That Or The Moon
Worm's Hollow - Possum Space Grade Assembly
Magnetic Space - Mote Samalas
Misty Woman - Aunt Cynthia's Cabin Misty Woman
Rivers Of Mind - Rose City Band - s/t
When You Sleep - Lost Echoes - single
When You Wake Up - The Dunes - s/t
Olifnt - Dead Horse One The West Is The Best
Confusion's Home - Quest For Fire Lights From Paradise
Eternal Return - Carlton Melton Mind Minerals
Altitude Lake - Slift Ummon
Seven Hills - Causa Sui - Vibraciones Doradas
Mountain - Kanaan - Double Sun
Quasar - Hotel Wrecking City Traders Passage To Agartha
Megladon't - Kandodo / McBain Lost Chants / Last Chance
Red Star Parts 1 and 2 - King Buffalo Dead Star

But wait! There's MORE! I have included my mix of the artists who would have performed live at this year's Desert Star Festival in lovely Joshua Tree, CA! I will still be spending a week around the dates of the Festival enjoying and exploring my favorite place on EARTH, the mystical and cosmic Mojave Desert. And while, sadly, there will be no in-person concert, there will be virtual festival that you and I can tune in to HERE: Desert Stars YouTube

In the meantime, please enjoy this BONUS MIX!

July 31, 2020

The Summer of Sulatron!

And now for something completely different...

I've never made a playlist featuring only artists from a single record label before (I had considered doing so with Canadian post rock outpost Constellation Records once, and may still one day). But I have had the luck to have bestowed upon me the singular psych/spacerock stalwarts that make up the roster of the label run by my social media friend Dave Schmidt, aka Sula Bassana, overlord of the mighty Sulatron Records in Germany.

Sula Dave has gathered brain candy from around the world and shared it with me, so that I can share it with you this August. Representing some of the finest of the genre, we have artists from such diverse locales as the UK (Sun Dial), Germany (Electric Moon, Zone Six), Finland (Permanent Clear Light), Norway (Seid), Italy (Sherpa), The Netherlands (Astral Son), Croatia (Seven That Spells), Estonia (Centre El Muusa), and New Zealand (Lamp Of The Universe)!

It's so refreshing, and so damn necessary, to know that cosmic psychedelic light glows around the globe, and can restore us to health and humanity. I thank Sula Dave for his generosity, and so will you. Prepare yourself to enter the world of SULATRON!

The following tracks are included in the player below:

Spacerock Continuum Intro - bRambles
Magic Potion - Sun Dial Return Journey
Turkeyfish - Centre El Muusa - s/t
Your Own Truth - Electric Moon You Can See The Sound
In - Seven That Spells The Death And Resurrection Of Krautrock
Coyoteman - Seid Weltschmerz, Baby!
Rite Of Spheres - Lamp Of The Universe Align In The 4th Dimension
Cheap Magic Spells - Astral Son Wonderful Beyond
Kim (((o))) - Sherpa Tigris And Euphrates
Glitter Bo  - Centre El Muusa Famous Dust
Maurice N'est Pas La - Permanent Clear Light Cosmic Comics
Through You - Sun Dial Return Journey
Haukeye - Seid Weltschmerz, Baby!
Szolnok - Centre El Muusa - s/t
Matrix Of Creation - Astral Son Wonderful Beyond
Corneville Skyline - Permanent Clear Light - Cosmic Comics
Sun Stroke Mind Train - Sun Dial Return Journey
Kozmik Koon - Zone Six Kozmik Koon

July 1, 2020

Summer of Slaughter!

Pretty much says it all. The global pandemic is just a symptom of a very sick planet. The virus is HUMAN, and the pathogen is the PSYCHO RIGHT-WING CAPITALIST FASCIST INDUSTRIAL DEATH MACHINE. It's what WE the disease are doing to the planet, not what it's doing to us. Systemic corruption, species-wide pollution, and an imminent implosion as our fate. The only goddam good thing we are doing to combat our illness is creating ART. And psychedelic spacerock is the pinnacle of self-reflective and re-directive consciousness that can SAVE US! Do you want to be "a cog in the machine" or "a stick in the wheel" of DEATH that has become us?!

For now, don't be the selfish twats that our overlords want us to be: social distance and wear that dang mask when you have to go out. The only exposure we need is that of the evil MACHINE that we have created - the police/government/fascist/kkkapitalist/kkkorporation that must be eradicated. For now, stay the fuck home and listen to THIS!

This shit is literally all over the place, sonically and geographically. We start this set with some MANIC hard industro-psych, in-your-face fast-paced psychic blasts from Gnod (Manchester, UK), Kungens Man (Stockholm, Sweden), Desert Mountain Tribe (London via Koln), Karkara (Spain/Portugal), and Alber Jupiter (Chile).

Then we bliss out with complete unknowns the currently defunct Tom Spacey (Chicago), and Portsmouth UK spacemen Is Bliss, head into the garage with Cafe Racer (Chicago), and slow it down and space the fuck out with a one-two punch from Wooden Shjips founder Mr. Ripley Johnson's other projects, Rose City Band (Portland) and Moon Duo (doing an amazing Black Sabbath cover).

After that we take it up a "Fest"-ive notch with Blankenberge (St. Petersburg, Russia), and take a tour of the blooz-addled swamp with Pretty Lightning (Germany) and my personal friends The Spiral Electric (SF/Oakland). Jakob (New Zealand) put the "post" in post rock, Blanchard (Chesterfield, UK) just rock the fuck out, Lowrider (Sweden) put the "stoned" in stoner rock, and Kandodo, featuring Simon Price, singer/guitarist of The Heads (London) remind us that we are all in DREAM, this month of July.

The following tracks are included in the players below:

Spacerock Continuum Intro - bRambles
Stick In The Wheel - Gnod Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine
Man Med Medel - Kungens Man Chef
Feel The Light - Desert Mountain Tribe Either That Or The Moon
Proxima Centaury - Karkara Crystal Gazer
Fangs - Alber Jupiter We Are Just Floating In Space
Divers - Beaches Second Of Spring
Silly Things - Tom Spacey Mars Is Eden
Someone - Is Bliss - The Honeycomb Explosion
Pretty Trash - Cafe Racer Famous Dust
Floating Out - Rose City Band Summerlong
Planet Caravan (Black Sabbath cover) - Moon Duo What Is This That Stands Before Me?
Fest - Blankenberge More
When The Black Sun Sets - The Voices Death Of A Lover's Song
The Rhythm Of Ooze - Pretty Lightning The Rhythm Of Ooze
Swamp Type Thing - The Spiral Electric - s/t
Nice Day For An Earthquake - Jakob Subsets Of Sets
Holy Shit Part 2 - Blanchard Holy Shit
Pipe Rider - Lowrider Refractions
July 28th - Kandodo k2o

June 1, 2020

June Gloom

This machine makes MAGIC! Every time I push THIS BUTTON, I give you NEW MUSIC! It will warp and expand your mind and do things to you like never have been done before, ya FEEL ME? That's cuz I LOVE YOU, spacerockers! I do all this for YOU, e'ry dang month, cuz you know you need it! I know I sure do. In the face of the Global Pandemic Blooz I figure we all just need to get out of our heads, and, as always, I've got the playlist for YOU. Just some feel good straight-up psych in this set, but stay with it. It gets darker as it progresses, just like our moods can tend to in isolation, but there is light in the darkness. Let it comfort you, like a balm for the soul, slowly leaked in through the ears until it takes over your mind and body. Please, to enjoy...

The following tracks are included in the players below:

Spacerock Continuum Intro - bRambles
Heroes And Villans - Brian Wilson Smile
Glide - The Dream Syndicate How Did I Find Myself Here?
Astral Energy - The Love Explosion Own Your Mind Business
In A Paradise - Post Animal Forward Motion Godyssey
Feel Free - Split Moon Slow Satellite
Dr. Ron - Highlands Wish You Were
You Stooge You - The Warlocks The Chain
Setting Sun - The Black Heart Death Cult - s/t
Strap Me Down - The Janitors Drone Head
Which One Is The Jellyfish? - Aunt Cynthia's Cabin Misty Woman
Jolo - Mote Samalas
Glasgow Uni Accent - Helicon This Can Only Lead To Chaos
Germinal - 10,000 Russos Distress Distress
Heliopolis - Sekel - s/t
Pleasure And Pain - Soundpool Dichotomies And Dreamland
Monica - Deserta Black Aura My Sun
The Sound Of Young America - The Voices The Sound Of Young America
Mit Gluck - Verstarker Activat
Drinking From The River Rising - King Buffalo Orion
El Centro - All Them Witches Dying Surfer Meets His Maker

May 1, 2020

MAY(hem) 2020!

Yep! It's a black hole springtime sun for everyone! It seems we've all but disappeared from the planet, sucked into the viral vortex of isolation, loneliness, fear, paranoia, and despair. It's as if we're hiding our eyes behind our masks - without seeing smiles we aren't seeing each other. But luckily the music HASN'T disappeared. It just keeps on coming, escaping the darkness with glimmering light so that all might see (don't hide your ears!).

MAY is upon us. And MAY(be) the light we once knew will be revealed, and we will bask in the sun, growing like the grasses and flowers, and we will see each other again. But for now, we find it inside ourselves, and MAY(be) pouring these amazing sounds through your earholes and into your blown minds will suffice. For now,  DIG THIS!

(and pay attention to the song titles - it's a song cycle of sorts, from darkness to the light)

The following tracks are included in the players below:

Spacerock Continuum Intro - bRambles
Pandemic - Helms Alee Noctiluca
Killing Time - Maserati Enter The Mirror
Into The Godless Void - And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead The Godless Void And Other Stories
It's Coming - Slift Heaven Is Waiting
Apropos Of Nothing - The Dream Syndicate The Universe Inside
Before I'm Gone - Celestial Bums - s/t
Look Around - Blankenberge More
Coming Down - Tennis System P A I N
God Help The Ones You Love - Ringo Deathstarr - s/t
Dead Inside - Purepleaser Take
Corona - Gwei-Lo - s/t
Void Walker - Facs Void Moments
Future Warrior - Palms - s/t
Feels Like A Weight Has Been Lifted - Quicksand Interiors
The Aughts - Flatworms Antarctica
Reducer - Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Viscerals
The Wanderer - Warm Drag - s/t
Southlands - The Black Delta Movement Seven Circles
California - Kooba Tercu Kharrub
Kelso Dunes - Floating Points Reflections: Mojave Desert