May 4, 2008

April showers bring May flowers

...but not in SPACE. Out here all you have is vast expanses of distance, the better to fill with the very best in mind-expanding music. This month's installment blasts off scattering red-hot shards of shoegaze, both original-era and 21st century, then careens throughout an asteroid field of psychedelia in all its guises, from underground garage psych to Madchester rave-psych to vintage krautrock and modern motorik... get the idea? If you don't, you will. So just sit back, smoke 'em if you got 'em, and enjoy your journey!

The following tracks should appear in the player below:

Need - Pacific UV - Longplay 2
Come In Alone - My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
Sugar Crystals - Airiel - The Battle of Sealand
Everso - The Telescopes - As Approved by the Committee to Keep Music Evil
Drain Cosmetics - Serena-Maneesh - s/t
Hurricane Heart Attack - The Warlocks - Phoenix LP
That Timothy Leary Shit - The Volta Sound - This Is the Yin and the Yang
Brainstorm Interlude - The Verve - A Northern Soul
The Woods - Tall Firs - s/t
Mars Ascendent - Souvenir's Young America - An Ocean Without Water
Mosquito Lantern - Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound - Ekranoplan
Forever - Racoo-oo-oon - The Cave of Spirits Forever
Raw Backwards - Sunburned Hand of the Man - Fire Escape
Pulses - White Rainbow - Prism of Eternal Now
We'll Never Make It Out of Here Alive - The Shalabi Effect - Pink Abyss
Slip Inside This House - Primal Scream - Screamadelica
Donkey - Working for a Nuclear Free City - Businessmen & Ghosts
Don't Mind If I Don't - The Turing Machine - Zwei
Will You Smile Again for Me - And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - Worlds Apart
Amboss - Ash Ra Tempel - s/t