January 26, 2012

Testing... testing...

So sorry. If you've been looking for the long-awaited Best of 2011 list, you'd have noticed that I've been having problems uploading the player. But I think I have it fixed! Here, try the player below. If I've been successful you'll have a mix (chronological to boot!) of the spacier side of the Indian-British dance rock hybrid known as Cornershop, led by the inimitable proud "wog" himself, Tjinder Sing. If all you've heard from them is the "Brimfull of Asha" stuff (which is great, actually) this should surprise you. It takes more than sitars and tablas to make it psychedelic - check those spacerock guitars!

You Always Said My Language Would Get Me Into Trouble - from Hold On It Hurts (1994)
7:20am Jullander Shere - from Woman's Gotta Have It (1995)
It's Indian Tobacco My Friend - from When I Was Born The 7th Time (1997)
Spectral Mornings - from Handcream For A Generation (2002)
The Turned On Truth - from Judy Sucks A Lemon For Breakfast (2009)