August 21, 2012

The Who Psychedelic Mix!

As in, Who knew?!?!? I was tipped off to The Who's "Armenia City In The Sky" as "one of their finest psychedelic pop songs," or some such blather and I thought, as much as I adore the Who (Quadrophenia especially), I've never considered them even remotely psychedelic. Then I checked out the album from which said anomaly comes, and it turns out it's not the only one. I knew of The Who Sell Out as a concept album predating Tommy (the concept is mock advertising jingles and radio banter interspersed throughout the "real" songs), and of course knew the single "I Can See For Miles" (okay, maybe vaguely psych), but there are some real obscure treasures on there, as well as some prototypes for recurring instrumental themes/leitmotifs on Tommy. So I made a remix of my favorite tracks from the album for you, to hold you over until the next official SRC installment in September (another TEASER for you, my beloved spacerockers!). If you've never heard this stuff before you're likely to have the same reaction I did: The Who... TRIP OUT!

The tracks are as follows:
Armenia City In The Sky 
Early Morning Cold Taxi
Hall Of The Mountain King
Rael 1
Rael 2
I Can See For Miles

August 1, 2012


Hello? Anybody listening? Okay... hiatus will soon be over, by not-so-popular demand. I can't quit you, babes.

For now, enjoy September's podcast/mp3 in advance... WITHOUT A TRACK LISTING! You'll have to wait for September to get that, but meanwhile... RAWK! This one's a freakin' doozy (if I do say so m'self)! See how many artists you can name and in September you'll find out if you're right. The SRC is comin' back in STYLE!

Oh, and... R.I.P. Bill Doss... what a loss...