July 1, 2016

SRC Julyyyyyyyyyy...

Cheers to my buddy Eric and ball-busting SF rawkers The Stone Foxes (above)! Rad, or what?!?!?

It's July. It's HOT. I work WAY too much. But I'm trying to find the time to throw awesome musix atcha! So here ya go. I'm sorry for not writing descriptive text - ain't nobody got time for that - just LISTEN. And play it LLLLLOOOOOOOUUUUDDD!!! Play it like it's SUMMER.

Here's the tracks in the player below (continuous mix):

The Spacerock Continuum Intro - bRambles
The Machine On The Hill - Black Moon Circle Andromeda
Florian Saucer Attack - Black Mountain IV
Cross The Divide - Ecstatic Vision - Sonic Praise
The Princess - Destruction Unit Eclipse
Revolution Prevail - The Asteroid #4 - The Asteroid #4
Reaper Invert - Wand-  Golem
Emergency Airlock System - Weites Luftmeer - O.S.T.
Faith - Black Lizard - Solarize
Keeping On - Carlton Melton - Always Even
Diamond Mine - Flavor Crystals - The Shimmer Of The Flavor Crystals
Vanilla - The Cosmonauts Persona Non Grata
Strange Vibrations - Rancho Relaxo - White Light Fever
White Stone - Magic Castles Sky Sounds
Hollows - Chatham Rise - s/t
Without You - LSD And The Search For God - Heaven Is A Place
Teenage Wasteland - WussyAttica
The Take - Woods - City Sun Eater In The River Of Light
Astral Plane - Golden Void - Berkana
Rama - Heron Oblivion - s/t