October 1, 2018

No More Bottles Of Booze On The Wall

...but plenty of great space rock on tap for this October installment, and as Ty Segall says, "Every One's A Winner" in King Tuff's "Neverending Sunlight". Even you, even me. We all tune in, turn on... and hopefully not drop out. Some American localmusix, some psych en Espanol, some vintage British shoegaze, some jammy shit, some motorik madness, some xperiMENTAL shite, some old school krautrock, some trippy hippie hopand of course the JUST PLAIN WEIRD. And you may soon be asking, as Steve Wynn of the newly reunited Dream Syndicate does (and I have been asking myself as well), "How Did I Find Myself Here?"

The following tracks are included in the playlist below:

Spacerock Continuum Intro - bRambles
Every1's A Winner - Ty SegallFreedom's Goblin
Neverending Sunshine - King Tuff The Other
Perfume - Wand Perfume
Watch You, Watch Me - Suuns Felt
Eclipse - Wooden Shjips - V
Shakers - Vuelveteloca - Pantera
Electric Chair (Don't Sit There) - Circles Around The Sun Let It Wander
Procession For Eric - The Third Eye Foundation Wake The Dead
Old Poisons - Mogwai - Every Country's Sun
(I Don't Mean To) Wonder - Black Hearted Brother - Stars Are Our Home
Celestial - The Telescopes - As Approved By The Committee To Keep Music Evil
You Are Here - Yo La Tengo There's A Riot Going On
Cedars - Oneida Romance
Anthemic Aggressor - Thee Oh Sees Smote Reverser
Lights Flicker - Faust Fresh Air
Hallo Gallo - Helicon - Suburban Decay
How Did I Find Myself Here? - The Dream Syndicate How Did I Find Myself Here?

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